Who provides the content?

Being in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, journalism and media issues have snuck into library school curriculum. So it peaked my interest to learn that Postmedia has puchased most of Sun media and now both Calgary newspapers are owned by the same company. This is particularly odd because these papers have traditionally run a sort of competition with each other and have made their political and target market niches.

I was particularly interested to see their goals: “We need this scale, and of course time, to be able to compete with the giant foreignowned, digital-only companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.” (sic; Friend, 2014). It seems odd, maybe just because journalism and media studies is not by forte, for news outlets to be competing with these corporations because I see  newspapers as content creators and disseminators of information; As a user I see social media and search engines as access points and rather than content creators so it seems unusual for media to think of themselves as social media and search engine competitors.

In my information policy course, we have talked about this in regards to net neutrality and the shift from infrastructure providers to content providers in the telecommunication/entertainment industry. In the future, apparently, journalism will no longer be content providers but telecommunication will? I’m curious to see how that pans out.


Friend, D. (2014, Oct 7). Postmedia’s mega deal. Winnipeg Free Press. Retrieved from http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/business/Postmedias-mega-deal-278360611.html


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