London Transit Apps

So far out of all the apps I’ve downloaded relating to Western University and the city of London here are the top two I’ve used:



LTWatch App on the iPhone


Put out by London Transit Commission, this app is great for seeing in real time how far away the bus is. Incredibly useful for timing in order to stay as warm as possible, shows you the routes you need to know.


London OnTime


London OnTime iPhone App

Although the top app would appear to give you everything you need, it can be a bit slow to load on my phone. Another option is London OnTime. This app allows you to save your most used bus stops to find out how long till a bus is coming to your precise location. Takes a much shorter amount of time to load but slightly less accurate. Still, it is absolutely necessary to my everyday existence now.


The best part is that they are both free for ios operating systems. Downside is that neither of these appears to be available for android platforms. I don’t use android, so I don’t know much about how comparable the equivalent versions are. If you do know, or have other apps that have become essential to you as a grad student, feel free to leave a comment!