Ten Great Meals in Literature


The Oliver Twist just looks like the most unappealing thing I have ever seen: so, a perfect representation of the book!


How Shelving Can Save the Life of a Book

Great article about book merchandizing, although it really gives the impression that there is no money to be made for authors at all—to the point where it pretty much advocates for people to avoid being authors. Some authors do become legit best sellers and make a good profit, but it isn’t a surprise that the majority of authors make little money.

The solution to this, in my opinion, is for Canadian libraries to maintain a strong commitment to buying and promoting local authors. London Public Library has a great stand just for local authors that I’ve admired many times. In fact, that’s how I found out that Emma Donoghue lived in London. Now I have moved her books closer to the top of my reading list.

Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Organization Systems

Dewey Decimal and Library of Congress Organization Systems

Neat infographic found through Dewey Divas and Dudes site. They’re missing my favourite section though, which is costume/fashion history- 391/GT500. Still, I feel like I should have this handy in my back pocket as I explore Weldon Library more. I was hoping to go searching for photograph books one day… I feel a library adventure coming on.
Often librarians don’t get to enjoy their collections as a patron, and I really enjoy going to a library (at which I don’t work every day) to explore and learn!

The issues with Subject Headings

I would like to take a moment to reflect on the difficulties of LCSH.

Please accept, as my example, the poor, dearly departed, Magnificent Entertainments: Fancy Dress Balls of Canada’s Governor General, 1876-1898 by Cynthia Cooper.

Image I love this book. This book has fantastic and incredibly beautiful photographs of interesting costumes from Victorian fancy dress balls in Upper Canada. Technically, there is also a bunch of text about these specific parties. I tend to ignore that part and go straight for the amazing photos.


AMICUS’s record for this item lists the primary subject as Balls (Parties)– Canada– History– 19th century and therefore it is given a Dewey number under dancing- 793.3.


Consequently, this book is beside ‘How to Rhumba’ and ‘Capoeira 101’. This is what we call a lost book: It is in the right spot, but no one is going to find it. However, the third subject listed is costumes and this is the subject that I am most interested in and, that I think users are going to be more interested in. Therefore, in my opinion, it should be Dewey categorized under the 3rd subject heading:


The dewey number for this would be 391. 000971. In this section, Magnificent Entertainments would be found by delighted costume enthusiasts and anyone looking for Canadian clothing history.

Now my opinion is biased because I love costumes. However, the second subject listed is Canada– Social life and customs– 19th century. If I wanted to be more objective I would say that this is the most accurate term (minus the fact that this is social life and customs of the upper class specifically in the 19th century).

Cause of Death: Subject Heading Overaccuracy, Accidental.