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Master of the LCC

Now that I know how LCC call numbers work, thanks to my Classification and Indexing class, I can *finally* shelve LCC books quickly! Threshold Concept Moment!!


Free Ringtones at your Library

I just learned about this option from Freegal for downloadable ringtones for and it is something I will definitely try out. The worst part about ringtones on my phone is finding one that I don’t hate to act as my alarm clock! I’m sure there will be some good options on here that can lull me from sleep without driving me nuts in the process.

Another example of community initiatives that get people talking!

Photo-6-25-2014-10-59-30-AMImage from Blame Betty, my favourite store in Calgary

In addition to the mini-beautification of a bus stop, now there is also benches that have been distributed around Calgary. I particularly like how the media is taking hold of these ‘feel good stories’. I have a hard time keeping up with news because the predilection of media towards negative news stories is just too much to do on a daily basis. Being informed about what is going on in your community is very important, but when you’ve read about the nth murder this month, it’s easy to fall into the perception that your city is a bad place. This example does a good job of reminding people to get engaged in their communities and that a few number of people are still able to make a big difference.

Fantastic Community Initiative in Calgary


Photo by Candace Ward for Metro

I love this brilliant idea, by unknown sources, to have a mini-beautification of a neighbourhood bus stop. I would love to see this idea take off around Calgary. Little Free Libraries are another way to add some fun and literacy to your community, but as someone who has spent a lot of time in Calgary bus stops, I think they sorely need some spirit lifting initiatives like this!

3 Distractions

Though I have a large pile of readings and home work to do at all times, there are 3 things that I enjoyed this week to get my mind off school.Image

  1. Mental Floss: This is one of the best magazines ever and the website and youtube channels are equally amazing. Another student and I were just talking about how much we love the genius known as John Green.
  2. J! Archive: I would like to be on Jeopardy one day, but for the moment I will instead refresh this page and test myself for entertainment.
  3. Criminal Minds: I’ve been a fan for a while but never actually sat down and watched them in order.

ImageWondering what I will learn about next week? I am too. Let’s make this a regular post, shall we?