Americans will never have the right to be forgotten

Americans will never have the right to be forgotten

Europe advancing towards more privacy rights for individuals. North America? Not so much. I’m surprised about this ruling and hope that, despite the criticism, this will have positive effects on digital privacy.

Favorite quote from this article: “Google spent $15.8 million on D.C. lobbying in 2013, more than Exxon Mobil.”

Also glad to see Pew’s survey results that 68% of American internet users think there needs to be better internet privacy laws.


James B. Hunt Library

The James B. Hunt Library, North Carolina State University, is currently my dream library.

It’s designed by Snøhetta, who will be designing Calgary’s new Central Library Branch, and the architecture is amazing!

This is a great video tour:

I love the open sight lines, the ‘surprise spaces’, and the high density library. I also love how the glass is meant to be written on.