Secret Libraries of New York & Toronto

Enjoyed this article on some of the members only and hidden libraries around New York. Most large cities can boast hidden or member-only libraries. As a member of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Student Chapter I’ve been able to tour many of these. I would love to go on a quest to write a similar article about the lesser known Toronto libraries. I recently learned about a few libraries that I did not know existed, such as the ROM, Textile Museum, and University Club:

9841371393_309e125bbe_mPhoto from Flickr Creative Commons, By The City of Toronto

The ROM has two libraries and an archive which are open to the public for research.

TextilePhoto from

The Textile museum also has a research collection for use by the public at the H. N. Pullar Library. from

The University Club of Toronto is a members-only group for University graduates. Their library no longer holds many books, but is a beautiful dining room and is used for events.

I will keep my eyes out for more items to add to this list. I’ll be going on a tour of some special libraries next month in Toronto and will hopefully get a chance to blog about them afterwards.


Head over to SLA…

Check out my blog post on three tours I attended in Toronto with the SLA UWO Student Chapter.

A piece of advice I give often is to attend as many library tours as possible. I think it is so important to become familiar with the work environment of libraries before you work in one, and it is a great networking opportunity as well.

Click on the link above and see what I learned on these tours!