Fall at Western

IMG_1552The campus is looking lovelier than ever as the leaves change into fall colours. Whereas Calgary has already had snow fall more than once, here snow is no where in sight—so far! I’ve also just applied to graduate and, with less than 2 months left of my final semester, I’m really trying to savour the last few weeks of being in this magical land called ‘graduate school’. So to celebrate this time I’m trying to walk around campus and explore places I’ve never gone before as much as possible.


LinkedIn Photoshoot

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Last week I was really excited to offer a portrait session for MLIS students at Western in collaboration between MLIS Student Council and the Canadian Library Association student group. The pictures turned out amazing and I am happy to see these photos start to pop up in my LinkedIn feed! I am looking forward to doing more photography related programs for the MLIS student council in the future.